Excellent for the electrician wiring
those time consuming outlets on
hardwood, tile and cement flooring.
Plumbers usage great for those under
the sink with counter edge digging at
your back. Also great for the projects
on your knees and in crawl spaces.
Heating and Air, great for those cold
basement floors or installing air units
outside in the rain or snow
Flooring contractors, especially
ceramic tile repair
Roofers, great for fastening flashing
on those hot days, keeps the heat from
the hot tile to your knees.
Great for painting all that trim work
and stairwells
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West Palm Beach Kitchen Cabinets
Jeanine johnson helps florida homeowners design functional and stylish kitchen cabinets that match the individualís personal style as well as stays in tune with the homeís architectural style. Serving all of palm beach and the surrounding areas!