We used it for changing a tire on the side of a country road, where the rocks were all
over, along with the smells, the pad was great, stopped me from feeling the gravel
underneath and my pant legs stayed clean and dry. Nice idea, I use it a lot.
02-12-09   Mike, Nappannee IN
Message Board
My Pad Pal Page
This is a message board page where the customer tells of the many
uses of their PadPal.

To tell  your unique use of the PadPal, please e-mail us through the
"contact page" and we will re-view it and post it on the board.

Thank You for your purchase or interest in the
The Uses are Never Ending
I'm a Heat/Air service man and find myself always on the cold, wet basement floor, using
the padpal cushions my knees all the time. I find myself concentrating more on the
problem rather than my sore knees. Thanks
12--03-08   Dave, South Bend, IN
I'm a electrician working on mostly commercial projects. Our company bought these
Pad Pals for us and boy do they help the knees when I'm wiring receps all day. I wish I
had one long ago.
02-27-09   Elroy, Milton IN
Fixing or cleaning your lawn mower, the pad pal worked great, wherever I had to kneel
down I could place the pad underneath. Much better than the hard ground
04-10-09  Henry, Valpo, IN
I was trim all my bushes underneath and the pad sure did help my knees. Worked Great
03-27-09   Joe, Elkhart, IN
I use it for all my planting ad weeding, You never know whats hidden in the dirt, but my
knees doesn't feel any of it with the PadPal. I love mine.
3-10-09  Georgian, Kalamazoo MI
The Pad Pal came in handy when I proposed, and in seven years I can  use it as a club.
My kids fight with them cause they're soft and safe.
01-13-09   Pete, KoKomo, IN
I use it to give the kids a bath, saves on my knees. Thanks
03-29-09   Irene, Indy
I had to get up under my truck and fix the muffler system and it sure did save on my
back, keep me clean, you know you can always tell a red-neck when he comes in wth
leaves on his back shirt, HaHa
04-15-09   Bob, N. Judson, IN
I Picked my up at ACE and been a life saver ever since. specially when I have to lay my
back on the edge of the counter to work under the sink, The pad dulls that sharp pain
from the bottom corner of the cabinet.  Finally something for the working guy.
03-05-09   Michael, East Chicago
Hey I got mine in the mail, this pad is so great, it never loses it spring. I have a doggy
salon and use it for bathing and grooming, Since its not out west yet.  I ordered three
more for the co-workers
03-02-09   Cindy, Bakersfeild CA